I’m Nicola – social media specialist, mum of two, partner of one, terrible cook, brilliant tidier, dedicated reader and ranter.

I’m also the founder of TM[M]I Social, Instagram-er and blogger at Too Much [Mothering] Information, and I often wonder how I got here!

Twelve years as a secondary school English teacher came to an end in 2016 after my second maternity leave. No longer being a teacher was initially a huge blow to my sense of self and purpose but I soon realised those years were not wasted. The skills I took away – communication, leadership, organisation, and the ability to listen to and understand people and their motives – have served me well in my new ventures where you find me today.

In 2016 I retrained as a social media marketing specialist with Digital Mums and started my new life as a blogger and writer. I love to write about what I care about, so in my blog and on my Instagram feed you’ll find posts on parenting, feminism, politics and of course, social media! On my own platforms I occasionally work with brands who reflect my life back at me – so no luxury handbags or beauty products found here – and who value the efforts I make to be honest but creative.

I’m also the co-founder of Make Motherhood Diverse, an Instagram campaign to challenge the danger of the single story of motherhood, presented by advertising and the media, that leaves many women feeling excluded and unrepresented.

As a result, social media is often the (sometimes unwelcome) third wheel in my relationship and the sucker-upper of much of my spare time.

But as much as I joke about the pitfalls of spending too much time staring at screens, I am also a believer in the power of social media – as a place of community and support, a driving force to build momentum behind a movement, or as a way to grow the customer base for your business.

Feel free to have a look around my website to read some of my writing, to find out who I have worked with, or for more information about the services and courses I offer as a social media specialist.


dogs, gifs, yoga, and the times I say “I need to take the bins out” and the Mr replies,
“I’ve already done it.”


cats, running, unkind people and
taking the bins out