About me

An ex-teacher and full-time mum to two small people, I started this as a preventative measure against death by drowning in thoughts.

As well as acting as a form of therapy for my gasping brain cells, I’m also aiming to reflect the reality of parenting and maybe make people feel better for a moment if, like me, it is their f***s, and not so much their ducks, that they have in a row. A little bit potty-mouthed and a lot honest I know I sometimes make my mum cringe but I’m not into sugar-coating much, except maybe my donuts.

I live in South London with my “husband” and we have two children – a 4 year old girl and 2 year old boy. I try to be a good mum, a good “wife”, a good friend, and, once-upon-a-time, a good teacher. Sometimes I actually succeed(ed).

Follow me on Instagram @toomuchmotheringinformation to see some pictures of questionable quality and be notified of any new posts.

Or you can follow my Facebook page, where I also share a selection of articles from elsewhere – it turns out I’m not the only one who has thoughts 😉

Find me on Twitter for a mixture of my posts, articles about stuff I care about, and Social Media Management blather. Love it I do and I’ll soon be launching TM(M)I Social after completing my Digital Mums training.

Contact me on washingtonnicola1@gmail.com if there is anything I can do for you like write a guest post, collaborate with a brand, or maybe you just want me to stop? I can’t promise I will, but at least you’ll have tried…


Where else can you find my writing?

Elephant Journal

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2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hi Nicola,

    We’re big fans of your Instagram account and your real world view of mothering! I mean really who has the time or the patience to be picture perfect at every moment, never mind the toddlers! We love that there is a community of mums on Instagram that support the motherhood journey.

    Anyway, enough smoke blowing, we’re a small baby food start up that developed out of a want to provide our babies with healthy food that hasn’t been messed with. As busy moms our selves, we intimately know the challenges of weaning a baby and the lack of healthy fresh options on the market. And thus, Little Pickle Pots was born; helping moms find a little more time in their days without sacrificing quality.

    Essentially, we’re a freshly frozen baby food brand based in South West London. We deliver directly from our kitchen to our client’s door. The aim is to provide nutrient dense dishes, developing young palettes (7 months to 2 years) to enjoy a variety of healthy food from the start. At Little Pickle Pots, we will never be processed. So the nutrition stays in the food and straight into our babies bellies.

    We were wondering, as another South London mom, if you’d like to try some of our pots. We think your one year old will enjoy them a lot and your three year old might like some of our snacks. If they do, we’d love some feedback and maybe a shout out on social media. We think you’re followers will like our pots too!

    We’re trying to grow our tiny little brand and word of mouth is always the best way!

    Looking forward to hearing from you.


    1. Hi Bailee – sorry about the slow response – my to-do grows faster than I can keep up with!
      I would certainly be interested in receiving some of your meals – my girl is more fussy unfortunately but is always up for a snack!
      Perhaps you could email me on washingtonnicola1@gmail.com as I don’t want to post my address on here! I’m sure you understand!


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