Let it be said that I love a Bank Holiday. Who doesn’t? They’re ace! But, like everything, Bank Holidays are not perfect, and they do have a few characteristics which are not Hakuna-ing-ma-tatas:

  1. After a Bank Holiday the house is in about four times the mess of a normal weekend, and there is double the amount of laundry there usually is. There is a whole extra day with an extra person in the house – surely this should make it EASIER to complete life admin, not harder? And who IS wearing all these extra clothes?
  2. The grocery order doesn’t get done. I hate going to the supermarket so for years I have done an online grocery order. One of my proudest achievements as the adultier-adult that I have become since the small people arrived has to be that I now have an Actual Routine around buying food. This means that no one is left scraping together a meal on any given Tuesday from some tinned tuna and a courgette. Well “routine” is perhaps reaching a bit, because what I basically mean is that I do it on a Sunday. Except on a Bank Holiday. On the Sunday of a Bank Holiday I think I must forget it is a Sunday. So today is now Tuesday, the cupboards are bare and I’m wondering whether to roast the courgette or just eat tuna straight from the tin.
  3. I drink too much. Back in the day, Before Parenting, this was what Bank Holidays were made for. Not so much now when the small people demand to be kept alive from 6.30am every morning with absolutely no respect for the fact that it is a “day off – May says so”. But I clearly haven’t quite caught up with this fact as, faced with a 10.30pm finish after some dinner with the girls on Sunday night, I decided to ditch the car and drink lots of wine instead. Silly.
  4. Time gets all twisted. The week in anticipation of a Bank Holiday passes really slowly, the weekend itself then goes really quickly, and then the psychology of the four-day-week means that you feel like it should whizz by, but in fact it drags and has you crying into your coffee as usual on a Wednesday morning… How is it only Wednesdaaaay…?
  5. Expectations are always too high. Whether it’s of the weather, how much fun will be had, or how many “jobs” you will get done, it is likely that you have returned to “normal life” this Tuesday feeling a little disappointed in yourself.

Having said all of that, however, I would make it clear that Bank Holidays are the bomb, and like all the best things in life, they’re free! Not to mention the fact that if you got it wrong this time around, don’t worry – there is another one in a few weeks. God loves a trier…