I have always known that there is more than one way to live your life “right”. No one has all the answers, everyone has their own battles that they are fighting, and while the established opinion is that people only post the “best” version of themselves on social media, I have realised that even from this glossy, filtered version of life there is something to learn: different people like different things.

Ok, so hardly ground-breaking stuff, but when you discover that there are blogs about blogging out there, you cannot deny that the spectrum of what is deemed interesting is a bit like the galaxy, stretching infinitely in all directions to places that your imagination cannot comprehend, and you sure as hell have no intention of going to.

These days my world is pretty narrow and mostly revolves around being mummumummumummummmyyyyyy, something which I know probably renders me mainly dull to many people. When the “husband” tells me that I’ve lost some (of my few) followers on IG I shrug my shoulders and call them bastards accept that I’ve probably bored them seven-shades-of-shitless with my mindless meanderings and inane baby-spam, therefore they have every right to ditch me. But the truth is that the mum-me, is of course, not the whole me.

I still love to read, write and garden, drink too much vodka and dance enthusiastically (in my slightly-stiff-white-girl way) to 90s RnB, but the time to do these things is in short supply and the repercussions of the last (and best) one at 9.30 on a Sunday morning could be far-reaching, so often I lean towards the “softer” options. And that is what finds me here, tapping away on a keyboard in a cafe, having been gifted some precious “me-time” by the “husband”. (He has taken the children to see Grandma at church – yeah, I’m not sure he knows what he has let himself in for but I look forward to hearing tales of how the BSCB climbed the font and The Eldest asked a complete stranger if they would like to stroke her pussy, “It’s really soft, you know” (for avoidance of doubt, this is a stuffed toy cat. She did not learn to call it pussy from me). But I’m here because yesterday I had an idea.

It was prompted by yet another realisation that there are mums out there who enjoy spending time doing things for fun that could actually work as a threat to make me give up something really important, like Instagam. There are actually mums out there who stay up until 11pm, not lurking in the hungry belly of social media, but making biscuits for their children to decorate the following morning. There are mums staying up until the early hours making wreaths out of cherry blossom, which I assume they hang somewhere in their house and glance at periodically to remind themselves that they are an Actual Person capable of Actual Stuff while chipping the dried Weetabix off the highchair following another “enthusiastic” breakfast.

Even more fascinating to me as I navigate my way through new waters of unemployment, trying to piece together bits of work around the children to bring in some extra cash, are the women running their own mini-empires. Sometimes they fit this in around children, sometimes alongside other full-time jobs (like what I did there?), sometimes at the same time as doing both (and how the chuff they manage that I have no Earthly clue). Finally, on the sidelines are the heaving masses, cheering them all on and I have never known a crowd of women so positive and so determined to lift a sista up. It makes the breath catch in my throat when I think about what women are achieving. Cheesy, practically Stilton-blue, I know, but I find it so inspiring, so incredible that I can’t help but get all gushy. And I want to celebrate it, and learn more about it, and just give it more love. SO, back to my idea…

Every Monday, on my blog, I want to host a #MumdayMonday (well, I’m going to try anyway – if no one wants to take part then I might be a bit screwed!). I already know many, and I want to find more, inspiring, fun, feisty, ball and ground-breaking women who are just getting. shit. done. Whatever their shit may be. I am going to give the mums a “label” – which they will all be welcome to revel in, explode, or just roll their eyes at, and I hope you will join me in enjoying what they have to say, enjoying the similarities AND the differences, and maybe learning something along the way.

I’m going to kick it all off, next Monday, as The Ordinary Mum, but if you would like to feature on #Mumday in the future then please just drop me a DM on IG, a private (or public, if you’re so inclined!) message on FB (click on the button under “Find me” on the left hand side of this page), or email me on washingtonnicola1@gmail.com .