Parenting sl-hacks

Recently I was doing a late-night social media shuffle when up popped “The 36 must-have items every new mum needs”. Anything that uses the word “must” gets me all twitchy around my rebellion-reflex but it also got me thinking that while all the bouncer, nappy bin and buggy recommendations are great, they are ultimately a bit pointless… Continue reading Parenting sl-hacks

Do I really need to explain why?

Weddings are torture on the trotters. From 12pm onwards we women teeter on the front two inches of our feet waiting for the ceremony to begin. After the ceremony is the mingling, and then, several agonising hours later is the dancing. And for most female guests, all of this is done in that most debilitating… Continue reading Do I really need to explain why?

What’s the point?

Like many teachers in inner-city schools, I am definitely the owner of an over-developed-do-gooder-bone. For years I had thought that the only way to keep it exercised was to work with children from challenging backgrounds, and give them the investment and energy that was lacking in their life from any other source. With the arrival… Continue reading What’s the point?

A voice in the chorus

As a virtuoso pedlar of intimacy-at-a-distance, that strange phenomenon when a complete stranger writes something that makes you feel as though they have set up camp in your head,  Daisy Buchanan describes it as, “I sometimes feel as though I’m trying to start a choir. I’ll describe a situation that has made me feel small, scared or stupid, reasoning… Continue reading A voice in the chorus