The Brilliance of Trump

I cried when I listened to Michelle Obama speak last week, and I know I wasn’t alone. With her careful thought, her clear intelligence, her black-ness and her female-ness, this ordinary, extra-ordinary woman appeared in binary opposition to the man she so resolutely refused to name. And what a name to be refused. It is… Continue reading The Brilliance of Trump

Peppa Pig saved my life

“My offspring will not even know who Peppa Pig is,” I loftily proclaimed pre-children, as I sneered in superiority at the parents who bought the DVDs, t-shirt, stickers, cup, bowl, bag, lunchbox, pencil case and pyjamas. “What is this two-dimensional animated swine?” I imagined my offspring saying in bemusement as she sat in her gender-neutral… Continue reading Peppa Pig saved my life

Parenting sl-hacks

Recently I was doing a late-night social media shuffle when up popped “The 36 must-have items every new mum needs”. Anything that uses the word “must” gets me all twitchy around my rebellion-reflex but it also got me thinking that while all the bouncer, nappy bin and buggy recommendations are great, they are ultimately a bit pointless… Continue reading Parenting sl-hacks

Do I really need to explain why?

Weddings are torture on the trotters. From 12pm onwards we women teeter on the front two inches of our feet waiting for the ceremony to begin. After the ceremony is the mingling, and then, several agonising hours later is the dancing. And for most female guests, all of this is done in that most debilitating… Continue reading Do I really need to explain why?